• Welcome to the new home of the Lee’s Summit North Choral Music Department!


    When:   Friday, March 11th, 2022

    Where:  Lee’s Summit West High School

    Performing Arts Center

    2600 SW Ward Rd – Lee’s Summit, MO 64082

    LSN Performance Times

                          Report Time              Performance Time            Sight-reading Time

    Concert Choir:   10:00 am                  11:15 am 11:30 am

    Sop./Alto:        1:00 pm                     2:15 pm                    2:30 pm

    Ten./Bass:  2:30 pm                     3:30 pm                    3:45 pm

    Camerata:           3:30 pm                     4:30 pm                    ——————-

    Full Itinerary

    10:00 am       Concert Choir reports to the Auxiliary Gym to warm-up and line up

    11:15 am       Concert Choir performs in the Performing Arts Center

    11:30 am       Concert Choir sight-reads in the choir room

    1:00  pm       All Sopranos/Altos report to the Auxiliary Gym to warm-up and line up       

    2:15 pm     All Sopranos/Altos perform in the Performing Arts Center

    2:30 pm     All Sopranos/Altos sight-read in the choir room

    2:30 pm       All Tenors/Basses reports to the Auxiliary Gym to warm-up and line up

    3:30 pm      All Tenors/Basses perform in the Performing Arts Center

    3:45 pm All Tenors/Basses sight-read in the choir room

    3:30 pm       Camerata reports to the Auxiliary Gym to warm-up and line up

    4:30 pm      Camerata performs in the Performing Arts Center

    Food and Drink Options

    Concessions will be available.

    Please bring money with you for snacks if necessary.

    Bus Itinerary

    There will be no buses. Students are expected to arrange transportation from their parents/guardians.

    What to Wear for Performance                                       

    Students without proper attire will not be allowed to perform.

    Tenor/Bass Choir:                Tenor-Bass Choir uniform:  ironed black slacks, blazer, ironed black shirt,

    Tenor-Bass Choir tie, black dress shoes, and black socks.

    Soprano/Alto Choir:      Choir dress, hosiery, and black closed-toe shoes. 

    Concert Choir:             T/B:   Black Slacks, black shirt, black socks, black dress shoes, Robe

    S/A: Black slacks/hosiery or socks, black closed-toed shoes, black blouse, Robe

    Camerata:                      T/B:   Tux, and all of its “parts” with you. (jacket, pants, vest, tie, shirt, shoes, black socks)                          

    S/A: Dress, hosiery, and black dress shoes with you.

     Camerata will wear their robes when performing with the Concert Choir.


    • Students must have their performance attire on at all times throughout the day.  Those wearing robes may take their robes off once at LSWHS, and between performance times.
    • Keep very close track of your robe & personal items.  There will be no safe place to hold or store them! It is not acceptable to leave your robe at LS West; you are responsible for your robe.
    • Do not bring valuables (i.e. – purses, cell phones, etc…) with you to the festival!  There is no place safe to keep them. Things can be stolen.
    • Arrive early for all warm-up times. Allow plenty of time, and know where you are to be.
    • No hollering, whooping, or cheering for any choirs when in the auditorium!
    • Applause at the end of music for performing groups only; if compelled and moved, stand and applaud. 
    • Do not talk or use your phone during others’ performances. Be a positive representative for LSN.
    • Normal performing expectations apply. No talking, no turning your head to look at neighbors, watch the director at all times, and no hands in pockets. 
    • Have fun and show off your hard work with the music!

    During the entire time at the Festival, you are a representative of our choral program, Lee’s Summit North HS, and the Lee’s Summit community. Be respectful of every choral performance that you hear.


    Aamodt, SamGeschwind, BrookelynMcEwen, NoahSanchez, Conner
    Anway, LexiGodfrey, EthanMcKibbin, WilliamScott, Addison
    Baldwin, HaileyGrant, MadisonMillward, DavidScott, Nevin
    Binger, LoganHamaker, LincolnMilner, PyperSharpe, Lauren
    Brewster, RyderHarrington, CarterMorgan, IanSnead, Ethan
    Briley, CharlotteHeaviland, TaylerMuckey, BrooklynSnead, Owen
    Burris, EmilyHenks, AlainaMulmore, LeeStanford, Gunnar
    Burriss, AbriannaHess, AnnaNewman, JacindaStonebraker, Xavier
    Camey, MilesHodges, OwenNguyen-Phung, JacksonSula-Goff, Emilie
    Carey, JadenHook, AveryNichols, GabbyTaylor, Jolie
    Cheruiyot, MilesHorn, SebastianNoland, AlecTovey, Mahina
    Childress, KarisJames, GabrielleNowlin, ZaneTrail, Christopher
    Clarke, IanJones, PaigePeguese, ArielleValentine, Kynan
    Cooper, JuliaKims, OliviaPetree, TaylorVandervoort, Andrew
    Cotten, TylerKirkpatrick, HaileyPickman, HaileyVaughn, Erin
    Craven, JoelLewis, MadisonPlowman, SashaVinson, Georgia
    Davies, HaydenLight, AsaPotocnik, LeilaWinkle, Lily
    Dobson, AudraLin, LeoPowell, KalynWion, Madisyn
    Ellington, ZacharyLookhart, KadenPulis, MasonWorthington, Emma
    Ference, SarahLove, JamesonRandolph-Coleman, CylanYacaginsky, Emily
    Fobert, CarterMasters, GraceRavasini, ElizabethYohe, Hannah
    Frazier, JadeMathis, DevanRoss, EmmaZabroski, Trinity
    Gardiner, JacobMcBurney, Isaac